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from youtube_scraping_api.urls import *
from youtube_scraping_api.utils import *
from youtube_scraping_api.decorators import *
from youtube_scraping_api.cipher import Cipher
from youtube_scraping_api.constants import HEADERS
from import Channel
from youtube_scraping_api.caption import CaptionQuery, Caption

import os
import time
import requests
from tqdm import tqdm
from urllib.parse import parse_qs
from typing import List, Dict, Any, Optional, Callable, Generator

[docs]class Video(): """Container for video data""" def __init__(self, video_id: str, builtin_called: bool = False, **kwargs): self._session = requests.Session() self._session.headers = HEADERS self._has_generated = False self._raw = None self._player_data = None self._init_data = None self._primary_info = None self._secondary_info = None self._player_info = None self._is_builtin_called = builtin_called = video_id self.thumbnails = get_thumbnail( self._static_properties = kwargs def __repr__(self): return f'<Video id="{}" title="{self.title}" author="{}">'
[docs] def parse_data(self) -> None: """Fetch HTML source code and extract JSON data from it :return: Nothing, data have been set inside local variable :rtype: None """ try: self._raw = self._session.get( self._player_data = get_initial_player_response(self._raw) self._init_data = get_initial_data(self._raw) self._primary_info = next(search_dict(self._init_data, "videoPrimaryInfoRenderer")) self._secondary_info = next(search_dict(self._init_data, "videoSecondaryInfoRenderer")) self._player_info = self._player_data["videoDetails"] self._has_generated = True except: self._session = requests.Session() self._session.headers = HEADERS time.sleep(3) self.parse_data()
[docs] def get_signature_url(self, url: str) -> str: """Get decrypted download link for the video :param url: Encrypted download link of the video :type url: str :return: Usable download link of video :rtype: str :note: This function isn't developed by me since I have no enough time to dive so deep into Javascript. Credit to PyTube. """ base_url = find_snippet(self._raw, "jsUrl", ",", (3, 1)) js_url = BASE_URL+base_url js_content = self._session.get(js_url).text cipher = Cipher(js_content) s, sp, url = [i[0] for i in parse_qs(url).values()] return url + "&sig=" + cipher.get_signature(s)
[docs] def get_comment_count(self) -> int: """Fetch the amount of comments of the video :return: Number of comments :rtype: int """ continuation = next(search_dict(self._init_data, 'nextContinuationData'))['continuation'].replace('%3D', '=') xsrf_token = find_snippet(self._raw, 'XSRF_TOKEN', ",", (3, 1)).replace(r'\u003d', '\u003d') params = { 'action_get_comments': 1, 'pbj': 1, 'ctoken': continuation, 'continuation': continuation, 'type': 'next' } data =, data={'session_token': xsrf_token}, params=params).json() comment_count = int(next(search_dict(data, 'countText'))['runs'][0]['text'].replace(',', '')) return comment_count
@custom_property def title(self) -> str: """Extract video title :return: Video title :rtype: str """ return "".join(i["text"] for i in self._primary_info["title"]["runs"]) @custom_property def type(self) -> str: """Determine type of video :return: Video type :rtype: str """ return "livestream" if "isLive" in self._primary_info["viewCount"]["videoViewCountRenderer"] and self._primary_info["viewCount"]["videoViewCountRenderer"]["isLive"] else "video" @custom_property def supertitle(self) -> Optional[List[Dict[str, str]]]: """Extract supertitle(custom tags) from video :return: List of supertitles of video :rtype: list """ if not "superTitleLink" in self._primary_info: return None supertitle = [{ 'text': i['text'].strip(), 'url': next(search_dict(i, 'url')) } for i in self._primary_info["superTitleLink"]["runs"] if i['text'].strip()] return supertitle @custom_property def description(self) -> Optional[str]: """Extract full description of video :return: Description of video :rtype: str """ return "".join(i["text"] for i in self._secondary_info["description"]["runs"]) if "description" in self._secondary_info else None @custom_property def tags(self) -> List[str]: """Extract descriptive keywords which content creators can add to thier video to help viewers find their content :return: List of all tags of video :rtype: list """ return self._player_info["keywords"] if "keywords" in self._player_info else None @custom_property def publish_time(self) -> str: """Extract the time when the video is published :return: Time when video is published :rtype: str :todo: Convert output string to datetime object """ return self._primary_info["dateText"]["simpleText"] @custom_property def author(self) -> Channel: """Extract the content creator who upload the video :return: Video author :rtype: Channel """ return Channel( name = self._player_info["author"], url = self._secondary_info["owner"]["videoOwnerRenderer"]["navigationEndpoint"]["commandMetadata"]["webCommandMetadata"]["url"], channel_id = self._player_info["channelId"] ) @custom_property def length(self) -> int: """Extract the length of the video in second :return: Length of video :rtype: int """ return int(self._player_info["lengthSeconds"]) @custom_property def view_count(self) -> Optional[int]: return self._player_info["viewCount"] @custom_property def raw(self) -> Dict[str, Any]: """Return a dictionary containing all data of video :return: Raw data of video :rtype: dict """ primary_info = self._primary_info player_info = self._player_info cleaned_data = { "video_id":, "type": self.type, "title": self.title, "supertitle": self.supertitle, "description": self.description, "tags": self.tags, "publish_time": self.publish_time, "author":, "length": self.length, "thumbnails": self.thumbnails, "statistics": { "view_count": int(player_info["viewCount"]), **dict(zip(["like_count", "unlike_count"], map(lambda i: int(i.replace(",", "")), primary_info["sentimentBar"]["sentimentBarRenderer"]["tooltip"].split(" / ")))), "comment_count": self.get_comment_count() } } return cleaned_data @custom_property def download_data(self) -> Optional[Dict[int, Dict[str, Any]]]: """Parse download links and metadata of the video :return: List of dictionary containing download links and metadata :rtype: list """ if not self._player_data: self.parse_data() try: return dict([(i["itag"], { "url": i["url"] if "url" in i else None, 'signature_cipher': i["signatureCipher"] if "signatureCipher" in i else None, "mime_type": i["mimeType"], "bitrate": i["bitrate"], "width": i["width"] if "width" in i else None, "height": i["height"] if "height" in i else None, "size": i["contentLength"] if "contentLength" in i else None, "fps": i["fps"] if "fps" in i else None, "quality": i["quality"], "quality_label": i["qualityLabel"] if "qualityLabel" in i else None, "duration": i["approxDurationMs"] if "approxDurationMs" in i else None }) for i in self._player_data["streamingData"]["formats"]+self._player_data["streamingData"]["adaptiveFormats"]]) if self.type!="livestream" else None except: pass
[docs] def get_file_size(self, url: str) -> int: """Get the size of video stream :param url: Download link of the video :type url: str :return: size of video stream in bytes :rtype: int """ return int(self._session.get(url, stream=True).headers.get('content-length', 0))
[docs] def stream(self, url, chunk_size: int = 8192, range_size: int = 10000000000) -> Generator: """Request and yield chunks of video stream :param url: Download link of video stream :type url: str :param chunk_size: Size of chunk per request :type chunk_size: int :param range_size: Default size to download, can be overridden :type range_size: int, optional :return: video stream chunk :rtype: bytes """ file_size: int = self.get_file_size(url) downloaded = 0 while downloaded < file_size: stop_pos = min(downloaded + range_size, file_size) - 1 range_header = f"bytes={downloaded}-{stop_pos}" response = requests.get(url, headers={"Range": range_header}, stream=True) for chunk in response.iter_content(chunk_size): if not chunk: break downloaded += len(chunk) yield chunk return
[docs] def download(self, itag: int = None, path: str = ".", log_progress: bool = True, chunk_size: int = 4096, callback_func: Optional[Callable[[Any], None]] = None, name: Optional[str] = None) -> None: """Download video from YouTube into local storage :param itag: Itag of the video to download, video with best quality will be downloaded if set to None, default set to None :type itag: int, optional :param path: Relative or absolute path to save the video :type path: str, optional :param log_progress: Wether to show progress bar of download or not. Default set to True :type log_progress: bool, optional :param chunk_size: Size of chunk per request. Default set to 4096 :type chunk_size: int, optional :param callback_func: Callback function to be called downloading video. Default set to None :type callback_func: Callable, optional :param name: Filename of video. Use video title if not set :type name: str, optional :return: None, just download the video and save it :rtype: None """ if not self.download_data: return None if itag: if itag in self.download_data.keys(): target = self.download_data[itag] else: raise RuntimeError('Itag does not exist!') else: target = list(self.download_data.values())[0] if target['url'] != None: target_url = target['url'] elif target["signature_cipher"]: target_url = self.get_signature_url(target["signature_cipher"]) vid_name = name if name else convert_valid_filename(self.title) extension = target["mime_type"].split(";")[0].split("/")[-1] if log_progress: print(self.title) progress_bar = tqdm(total=self.get_file_size(target_url), unit='iB', unit_scale=True) with open(os.path.join(path, f"{vid_name}.{extension}"), "wb") as f: for chunk in, chunk_size=chunk_size): if log_progress: progress_bar.update(len(chunk)) f.write(chunk)
@custom_property def captions(self) -> CaptionQuery: """Give you a list of available captions for the video :return: List of available captions :rtype: CaptionQuery """ if not self._player_data: self.parse_data() if not "captions" in self._player_data: return None raw = self._player_data["captions"]["playerCaptionsTracklistRenderer"] default_raw = raw["audioTracks"][0] default = default_raw["defaultCaptionTrackIndex"] if "defaultCaptionTrackIndex" in default_raw else 0 caption_list = raw["captionTracks"] result = CaptionQuery((Caption(i["languageCode"], i["name"]["simpleText"], i["baseUrl"], i["isTranslatable"], raw["translationLanguages"]) for i in caption_list), default) return result