Source code for youtube_scraping_api.parser.playlist

from youtube_scraping_api.utils import search_dict, get_thumbnail
from import Video
from youtube_scraping_api.decorators import custom_property

def cleanupData(data, nextCT=None):
    result = []
    for i in data:
        try: typeOfRenderer = list(i.keys())[0]
        except: raise
        if typeOfRenderer == "continuationItemRenderer":
        each = i[typeOfRenderer]
        eachFinal = RENDERER_PARSER[typeOfRenderer](each)
    if len(result) == 1: return result[0]
    return result

[docs]class Playlist(list): """A container of playlist metadata and its videos""" def __init__(self, response, builtin_called=False): self.first_data = response["metadata"]["playlistMetadataRenderer"] self.second_data = next(search_dict(response, "videoOwnerRenderer")) self._is_builtin_called = builtin_called self._static_properties = [] self._has_generated = False data = cleanupData(next(search_dict(response,"itemSectionRenderer"))["contents"]) super(Playlist, self).__init__(data) def parse_data(self): pass @custom_property def title(self): """Exrtract name of the playlist :return: Playlist name :rtype: str """ return self.first_data["title"] @custom_property def description(self): """Extract description of the playlist if available :return: Playlist description :rtype: str of None """ return self.first_data["description"] if "description" in self.first_data else None @custom_property def owner(self): """Return the name of playlist creator :return: Playlist creator name :rtype: str """ return self.second_data["title"]["runs"][0]["text"] @custom_property def video_count(self): """Count how many videos are in the playlist :return: Number of videos in the playlist :rtype: int """ video_count, *_ = next(search_dict(self.response, "stats")) return int(video_count["runs"][0]["text"].replace(",", "")) @custom_property def view_count(self): """Count the total views of all videos in the playlist :return: Total views of videos in the playlist :rtype: int """ _, total_views, _ = next(search_dict(self.response, "stats")) return int(total_views["simpleText"].split()[0].replace(",", "")) @custom_property def last_updated(self): """Return the time when the playlist is last updated :return: Playlist last updated time :rtype: str """ *_, last_updated = next(search_dict(self.response, "stats")) last_updated = "".join(i["text"] for i in last_updated["runs"]) if "Last updated on" in last_updated: last_updated = " ".join(last_updated.split()[3:]) if "Updated" in last_updated: last_updated = " ".join(last_updated.split()[1:]) return last_updated def __repr__(self): return f'<Playlist title="{self.title}" video_count={len(self)}>'
[docs]class PlaylistVideo(Video): """A container of playlist with the video index in playlist video that function exactly the same as Video Object""" def __init__(self, data): self.index = int(data["index"]["simpleText"]) """Index of the video in playlist :return: Video index in playlist :rtype: int """ super().__init__( data["videoId"], length = data["lengthText"]["simpleText"] if "lengthText" in data else None, thumbnails = get_thumbnail(data["videoId"]), builtin_called = True ) def __repr__(self): return f'<PlaylistVideo index={self.index} id={}>' @property def raw(self): """Return a dictionary containing all data of the playlist video :return: Raw data of video :rtype: dict """ return {"index": self.index, **super().raw}
RENDERER_PARSER = { "playlistVideoListRenderer": lambda data: cleanupData(data["contents"]), "playlistVideoRenderer": PlaylistVideo }