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from youtube_scraping_api.constants import HEADERS
from youtube_scraping_api.utils import search_dict, reveal_redirect_url, get_initial_data
from youtube_scraping_api.decorators import custom_property
from youtube_scraping_api.urls import *

import requests
import re

[docs]class Channel: """Container of channel data""" def __init__(self, channel_id=None, username=None, builtin_called=False, **kwargs): self._session = requests.Session() self._session.headers = HEADERS self._has_generated = False = channel_id self.username = username self._about_data = None self._metadata = None self._header_data = None self._is_builtin_called = builtin_called self._static_properties = kwargs def __repr__(self): return f'<Channel id="{}" name="{}">'
[docs] def parse_data(self): """Fetch HTML source code and extract JSON data from it :return: Nothing, data have been set inside local variable :rtype: None """ if not ( or self.username): return {} if url = (,"/about" ) elif self.username: url = ( CHANNEL_USERNAME_URL+self.username, CHANNEL_USERNAME_URL+self.username+"/about" ) response = [self._session.get(i).text for i in url] if "404 Not Found" in response[0]: self._debug("ERROR", "Channel not exist") return data, self._about_data = (get_initial_data(i) for i in response) self._metadata = data["metadata"]["channelMetadataRenderer"] self._header_data = data["header"] self._has_generated = True
@custom_property def name(self): """Extract name of the channel :return: Channel name :rtype: str """ return self._metadata["title"] @custom_property def description(self): """Extract description of the channel :return: Channel description :rtype: str """ return self._metadata["description"] @custom_property def keywords(self): """Extract descriptive keywords which content creators can add to thier channel to help viewers find them :return: List of all keywords of the channel :rtype: list """ if not 'keywords' in self._metadata: return None patterns = [ r'(?:^|\"\s)([^\"].*?[^\"])(?:\s\"|$)', r'\".*?\"' ] raw_keywords = self._metadata["keywords"] keywords_list = sum([re.findall(pattern, raw_keywords) for pattern in patterns], []) final = [[eval(keyword)] if re.match(patterns[1], keyword) else keyword.split() for keyword in keywords_list] return sum(final, []) @custom_property def url(self): """Return url of the channel :return: Channel url :rtype: str """ return self._metadata["channelUrl"] @custom_property def vanity_url(self): """Return a human readable custom url created by the channel owner if available :return: Custom channel url :rtype: str """ return self._metadata["vanityChannelUrl"] @custom_property def facebook_profile_id(self): """Extract facebook profile id of channel owner if available :return: Facebook profile id of the channel owner :rtype: str or None """ return self._metadata["facebookProfileId"] if "facebookProfileId" in self._metadata else None @custom_property def avatar(self): """Extract avatar thumbnail url of the channel :return: Avatar thumbnail url of the channel :rtype: str """ return self._metadata["avatar"]["thumbnails"][0] @custom_property def subscriber_count(self): """Extract number of subscriber of the cannel :return: Number of subscriber of the channel :rtype: int or str or None """ try: subscriber_count = next(search_dict(self._header_data, "subscriberCountText"))["simpleText"].split()[0] except: subscriber_count = "No" return int(subscriber_count) if subscriber_count.isdigit() else None if subscriber_count == "No" else subscriber_count @custom_property def banner(self): """Return a list of banner urls in different resolutions if available :return: A list of banner urls :rtype: list or None """ try: return next(search_dict(self._header_data, "banner"))["thumbnails"] except: return None @custom_property def header_links(self): """Return a list of social media links that content creator put on their channel header if available :return: A list of social media links :rtype: list or None """ try: raw_header_links = next(search_dict(self._header_data, "channelHeaderLinksRenderer")).values() header_links = [{ "title": i["title"]["simpleText"], "icon": i["icon"]["thumbnails"][0]["url"], "url": reveal_redirect_url(i["navigationEndpoint"]["urlEndpoint"]["url"]) } for i in sum(raw_header_links, [])] return header_links except: return None @custom_property def is_verified(self): """Check if the channel is verified by YouTube :return: A boolean that states whether the channel is verified :rtype: bool """ try: if next(search_dict(self._header_data, "badges"))[0]["metadataBadgeRenderer"]["tooltip"] == "Verified": return True return False except: return False @custom_property def raw(self): """Returns all available channel metadata :return: A dictionary with metadata values :rtype: dict """ return { 'name':, 'description': self.description, 'keywords': self.keywords, 'url': self.url, 'vanity_url': self.vanity_url, 'facebook_profile_id': self.facebook_profile_id, 'avatar': self.avatar, 'subscriber_count': self.subscriber_count, 'header_links': self.header_links, 'is_verified': self.is_verified }